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The Trends Trap

An article on a difference between “Web Designer” and “Web Developer” in the fabulous Website Magazine today got me thinking about the many ways this industry scams the public. Wanna know how to avoid the pitfall of getting charged double for fancy words?

You have a website. Now what?

Once your web site is live, you need to let people know about it. There are millions of web sites out there – you need to announce yours.

Updates and maintenance

After your web site is built, expect periodic updates. Sites that offer useful and interesting content and/or services that are often updated are the most successful ones. Think about this – how can you entice your site visitor to come back? Search engines such as Google also like useful content and text pages, and will rank you higher for it.

Domain name & hosting

We can help you find a domain name that “sticks”. It should be related to your business, or showcase your name. Ideally, it would also contain the most important keyword related to your business for purposes of search engine optimization – however, this is not worth having a long domain people will have trouble spelling out right.