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JADE CONCEPT can register your domain namedesign your web sitefind a good ISP to host it, maintain it and promote it, as well as help you with writing and images, and advise you on all things needed to make your web site successful, popular and cost efficient.

Every web site I build is unique. I am capable of designing a wide variety of sites, from small or simple ones, to the complex sites that include extremely user friendly custom back end administration, forms, cgi & php scripting, java, javascript, animations, video and more. With experience building websites since 1996, I’ve been there for every major development from the very start of Internet, and have learned to build websites that are fast and easy to navigate on any platform and device, as well as to keep an eye on and utilize every worthwhile new development “while it’s hot”.

While I develop sites on many different platforms, or build them from scratch, I recommend WordPress and have been building sites on this superior platform since 2003. WordPress is the most popular website platform on the Internet, with 43+%, or over 810 million websites currently (2023) running on this platform. It’s the first choice for its ease of use (updating a web site is very similar to working on a Word document), flexibility, speed, cost of development, SEO and the love search engines have for it – Google will index a post made on a WordPress site within a day, while a new page created on a web site created on a different platform might take weeks to appear in search  results. Properly SEO optimized WordPress sites are also more likely to appear near the top of the search results.

I  O F F E R :

Web design and development, including interactive interfaces, scripts & database (php, cgi, java, javascript, MYSQL) installing & modifications, search engine optimization, video & audio editing and development.

Copy writing, including translation services.

Promotion and promotional consultation (where and how to advertise, ad & banner design, Internet branding, building social networks presence and more).

Web site repair and redesign.

Web site maintenance.

Photography and web video editing (as a part of our web design package).

C O S T :

Please contact me for a FREE consultation (contact form is on the bottom of the page).
An estimate is provided after I hear about your needs. Jadeconcept charges based on the length and complexity of the project, and we offer discounted rates for certain non-profits and other humanitarian sites :-).

A B O U T  U S:

I and my team have many years of experience in a large number of design and promotional fields, including Web Design, Advertising, Social Media, SEO, Image Consultation, Copy Writing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Fine Art.

We have degrees and awards, and pride ourselves in the excellence of our work. Even more importantly, we all love what we do.

Our unique cultural backgrounds and strong experience in advertising enable us to help you present your business in the way that will appeal to the widest possible audience.

Your needs and image will be closely examined, and I will provide you with an estimate after the first meeting – there are no surprises, except for the happy ones.

After the basic look of the site is created, you will be presented with the draft, and have a chance to make changes before the site is completed. Depending on the size of the project, we will meet or consult over e-mail or phone at every major point of the project completion.

Want help and consultation in English, Hindustani or Serbo-Croatian? I have a team ready to assist and understand your special needs.