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AP Platform

The Annual Performance Platform is a simple, efficient way to smooth the transition of faculty and administration to digital annual performance review format. This beta system was custom built for CCBC, but can be adjusted to any school or program that wishes to streamline and modernize the annual reviews process without a steep learning curve. 

Built specifically for ease of use by even the low-level computer users (great educators are not necessarily computer wizards), APP also has the advanced features for the savvy user; the ability to upload and display videos, pdfs and more as necessary in the modern multimodal education.

Administrative interface for coordinators is built to ease administration and followup on multiple performance reviews, with automatic score calculations, notifications, and the ability to generate paper versions of all materials necessary for physical filing and management.

Extreme forward facing simplicity, extremely complex system behind it.

Custom considerations
  • User-friendly signup and easy online help
  • Extremely flexible administrative interface which automatically displays only the necessary fields while seamlessly providing complex functionality.
  • Choosing the discipline during signup displays the available coordinators
  • Coordinators signing up are matched to the list and automatically promoted. Coordinator back-end includes a page with all submitted annual reports that are ready for review. They also receive an email whenever a report is marked as “Ready for review”.
  • Printed annual reviews are automatically formatted for paper output with all relevant information.
  • Simple administration back-end to enter schools, campuses, departments, disciplines and coordinators.