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The Annual Performance Platform is a simple, efficient way to smooth the transition of your faculty and administration to digital annual performance review format. This beta system was custom built for CCBC, but can be adjusted to any school or program that wishes to streamline and modernize the annual reviews process without a steep learning curve. Built specifically for ease of use by low-level computer users, APP also has the advanced features for the savvy user; the ability to upload and display videos, pdfs and more.


  • User-friendly signup and easy online help
  • Choosing the discipline during signup displays the available coordinators
  • Coordinators signing up are matched to the list and automatically promoted. Coordinator back-end includes a page with all submitted annual reports that are ready for review. They also receive an email whenever a report is marked as “Ready for review”.
  • Printed annual reviews are automatically formatted for paper output with all relevant information. See example
  • Simple administration back-end to enter schools, campuses, departments, disciplines and coordinators.

Based on the most used worldwide and flexible web platform, WordPress, APP is ready for extensive customization and expansion, as well as the future upgrades – you will not be at the mercy of a walled-in, completely proprietary software that becomes obsolete within a couple of years. Please contact us if you’re interested in an APP for your educational institution or program.

Page samples:


ALP Homepage

ALP Homepage

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) is a nationwide educational program launched by the Community College of Baltimore County, with annual conferences and highly successful track record. It has been honored by numerous awards, and was recognized in testimony to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions as a top innovation.

This WordPress based web site was originally created for the 2012 ALP Conference in less than a week. Since then, it has grown into a resource center for the Accelerated Learning Program with videos, faculty resources including past conference presentations in PDF & PowerPoint form, and an online ALP Directory with a dynamic map of participating schools. Users can submit ALP Directory entries, Classroom materials, and Conference presentation proposals through forms, with automatic email routing & controlled, formatted posting.

JadeConcept was also contracted for an intense SEO optimizing and the social/newsletter setup. The website currently (2015) appears on the first page of organic Google results for the field term “ALP”, beating the Alp (mountain), the Merriam-Webster online definition of term, as well as any other accelerated learning programs worldwide, and is in the first place overall for the competitive “Accelerated Learning Program” keyphrase.

Site was redesigned in 2014 with new features and some visual changes, and now includes an administrative back end with project collaboration tools. Continuously under development with a number of new features planned. Client has been working with JadeConcept since 2012 to maintain the quality and usability of the website. We post most articles, create or edit images, and do general maintenance and updates as needed.
*Update: Since 2019, we no longer maintain this website. Any updates and modifications from that year on are the responsibility of the client.


CRT Program

CRT-CC.org Homepage

CRT-CC.org Homepage

CRT Program is a national cultural awareness program for faculty and students, by Community College of Baltimore County. In 2015, CRT has accomplished its Second Annual National Conference, and have been one of the programs honored through  Leah Meyer Austin Award, by Achieving the Dream initiative that encompasses over 4 million US colleges.

CRT-CC was built to visually represent the multi-cultural awareness, as well as be the meeting point for CRT updates, training and conference related activities. JadeConcept also donated the logo design for the organization.

This is a WordPress based website with a simplified and proofed back-end and admin flow for ease of use by non-technical users.


*Please note, this is user maintained website. JadeConcept is not responsible for missing content or changes in layout and usability.