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Apex Human

Custom fitness program website with a simple front end and a very extensive membership and administrative end. Members sign up for a custom fitness program during which they have access to a personal trainer, personalized exercise, nutrition and supplement guides, as well as the weekly progress reports.

A personal guide assigned to each member can choose preprogramed exercise sets and recipes based on a member’s personal preferences and calorie allotment, display them in the customized single member’s area, and interact with the member’s reports and queries.

Custom considerations

  • Administrative end includes the forms to enter custom recipes with nutritional information, daily exercise sets with a video demonstration upload, as well as interfaces for custom filtering or recipes and exercises and assigning them to individual members.

  • Client required extremely quick turnaround that included entering all the nutritional and other information, finding and uploading the images and extensive revisions.
  • Client required a very simple layout and interface that would focus on function and be easy to understand and navigate.

    *The current speed of the website is effected by the choice of the hosting company and I’m not aware if the website is currently in use.