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We really, truly appreciate you doing business with us! If you have any questions, please contact us before running a chargeback – our contact information is on all orders and invoices. We hate credit card fraud & fraud chargebacks, and seriously act on it, so don’t try, please. We love to work with you on your success in honest and professional manner!

Please note that your receipt will come from email @jadeconcept.com domain.

Account or order number: sfsf3746

Amount due: 60.00

Description: 1 month marketing with discount, $100 with discount with package discount, sfsf3746

Click on “Pay” button to go to Authorize.net secure payment form. Authorize.net is one of the largest, safest online payment processors. We will not see your full credit card information, and a receipt will be sent to the email you enter in the payment form. Thank you!
Almost anything can be worked out in a reasonable manner – we’re here because of you! However, customers who chargeback without contacting us will be banned forever, and all necessary information will be forwarded to merchant services to dispute the chargeback. In cases of clear fraud, other marketing companies may be notified for blacklisting. Stolen credit card cases will be handled as required by law.